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Who We Are

Who We Are

As strength and lifestyle coaches, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of health and fitness professionals.  We have obtained some of the most renowned certifications in the industry through advanced education and practical experience. We have helped change hundreds of lives by educating, motivating and leading by example.

Coming from athletic backgrounds, we understand adversity such as suffering through injuries or managing time and prioritizing the things that move the needle closer to your goals. We understand because we’ve been there and we’ll be here for you to help you battle your own adversities in order to become the strongest version of yourself.

Why Become StrongerNow

We provide an environment and the energy for you to become stronger, more resilient and achieve any goal you can put your mind to. Strength is for everybody and it relates to both your mental and physical abilities. Strength has the ability to make you feel powerful, capable and confident. The process of building strength will teach you humility and patience.

It will help you manage stress, produce a durable body and a sharp mind. On your journey, not only will you appreciate the person staring back at you in the mirror, you’ll respect them even more too. It is your time to become Stronger Now.

Personal Training

Private coaching is one of the fastest ways to achieve results. With a health and fitness professional guiding you every step of your journey; they will ensure you are performing each exercise safely and getting the most out of each and every workout. We meet you where you’re at, whether this is your first time in the gym or training for your 5th marathon – we’ve got you.

1 on 1 Personal

Starting At $70 /Session
  • 60 minutes
  • Monthly Fitness Assessments
  • Off-day programs via StrongerNow App

(2-4 people)

Starting at $35 /Person/Session
  • 60 minutes
  • Monthly Fitness Assesments
  • Off-day programs via StrongerNow App

Group Classes

We bring big time energy to our group classes. If you thrive in a group setting with the tunes pumping, this is where you want to be. These circuit style workouts  will challenge your strength and stamina and will jack your heart rate and get you sweating for 60 mins. We go through a thorough warm-up to get you prepared both mentally and physically and finish with some stretching to bring your heart rate back down to earth.


Starting at $18 /Class

Team Training

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Meet your Coaches

Joseph Laidlaw – Co-Founder, Coach

Clinical exercise physiologist

Coach Joe from StrongerNow performing a snatch

Joseph Laidlaw graduated from Brock University with a Kinesiology Degree before expanding his skillset and becoming a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Joseph has worked with hundreds of clients who will all tell you the same thing; he truly cares about you as an individual and takes the time to educate you, so you understand the ‘why’ behind your training. Joseph is a lifelong student and never misses an opportunity to further educate himself so he can continue to share his extensive knowledge with his clients.

Brad Jamieson – Co-Founder, Coach

Clinical exercise physiologist,
Strength & Conditioning specialist

Coach Brad performing front lunges

Brad Jamieson is an established coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Brad is qualified to work with a large spectrum of individuals including those with chronic health conditions. As a strength and conditioning specialist, Brad has worked with countless high-performance athletes, helping them take their game to the next level. His passion for training and showing people what they are truly capable of, is what sets Brad apart as a coach.

Idris Badoolah - Coach


Idris Badoolah is a certified CanFitPro personal training specialist who is currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Toronto. He has been helping his clients get stronger and leaner for the past 5 years.

Idris was a former varsity Wrestler and provincial medalist. His athletic background has provided him with ambition and the ability to face challenges head on. He is able to take his experiences and apply them directly to his coaching abilities.

Emily Eaton


Coach Emily’s training philosophy is based on looking at the whole person. She believes that an individual’s health involves not just the way they look but more importantly the way they think and feel about themselves. When she train’s her clients, she takes a highly individualized approach to make sure that she has an honest perspective on their physical, mental and emotional health prior to creating a customized program.

Emily is passionate about supporting people in reaching their fitness goals while promoting their mental health and well-being. She has the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from young athletes, to mature clients to those with learning differences. With her undergrad in Kinesiology from University of Waterloo and her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from NSCA she is very comfortable working with a variety of clients. Emily can adapt my teaching style to fit the needs of different learners. 

Kagivan Prabaharan


Kagivan Prabaharan is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer who graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc. in Kinesiology. After dropping over 35lbs and witnessing firsthand how proper nutrition and exercise can boost one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being, he now helps his clients achieve similar transformations. 

Kagivan has learned a lot about creating sustainable transformations from his 12 years as a rep baseball player, kinesiology degree and from years of working out with clients and himself. He specializes in educating, supporting and helping clients execute the things they need to do to achieve the results they deserve. If you are serious about to taking the next step in improving your physical, mental and spiritual health through exercise and nutrition, Kagivan is the ideal trainer for you.  

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