June 22, 2023

Recap: Studio.89 Charity Event

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Great Work StrongerNation!

On behalf of StrongerNow and Studio.89 we want to thank all of the donors and members who came out to support this amazing Charity Event in honour of Darin Diehl.

We are proud to announce that as a community, we were able to raise over $2500 for @studiooo89 to contribute those funds to local charity organizations! We are extremely proud of all of you for your contributions and continued support and we look forward to hosting another amazing charity event next year!

We had a fun afternoon of free fitness classes, activities, drinks and refreshments as well as the main event TRAINER REVENGE!

What is Trainer Revenge? Well, it's how our business gives back to not only the community but to our clients too! How it works is really simple: Our members and donors booked a timeslot and donated a minimum of $25. The timeslot is booked is for 2 minutes and gave them an opportunity to make your favourite StrongerNow Coach do whatever fitness or exercises they wanted! Finally, a time to take revenge for all of those squats and push ups the StrongerNow team made them do!

Want to be part of our next charity event? Keep an eye on our website and email newsletter for updates on upcoming events! 

Shots from the event

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