About Us

Move on down to find out more about how Joe takes off like a bullet at social events and Brad manages to eat his body weight in bacon and moosetracks while maintaining a respectable blood serum cholesterol!

Coach Joe

Coach Joe uniquely identifies what your drive for fitness is all about and teaches you how to intrinsically motivate yourself to ACHIEVE your goal!⁣ The difference maker? Easy, he understands the struggle of looking over your shoulder and seeing someone you “used to be”. Passion, empathy and hardwork are staples in the way Coach Joe trains himself and his clients.

Creating a strong foundation in each pillar of fitness: mobility, cardiovascular work and strength is how Joe builds the best programs for his clients. He always goes the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of and that your training is at the highest standard possible.

Are you ready to feel more confident, more motivated and stronger than you have in your entire life? Click here for a chance to meet with Joe to discuss how!

Coach BRad

Coach Brad believes in achieving the highest standard for his clients when it comes to programming and technical skills. He will effectively find your areas of weakness and target those areas to make your fitness(mental and physical) more well rounded. A graduate of Brock University for Physical Education he understands how important exercise is for a person's well being and encourages you to pursue your full potential through training and nutrition.

His love for training and sports at an early age grew him to strive to be the best. Therefore it's no surprise he holds the two highest training certifications in North America; NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Structure and consistency is a staple in the way Brad trains himself and his clients. He attributes his winning mindset to the strong role models and coaches he had growing up playing sports and emulates those qualities in the way he works with others.

Brad co-founded StrongerNow with a vision. His vision was to create a brand that stood out among the rest for its ability to change lives and create a strong sense of self-efficacy among its members. When Brad is not concentrating on his clients success he practices what he preaches with his extracurricular activities consisting of: weight lifting, beach volleyball, golf and of course watching sports.