June 7 - July 4


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It’s been a tough start to the year to say the least and it’s not easy to stay motivated in times like these. Isolation and restrictions are exhausting and wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. It’s time to make a change.

Here’s your opportunity to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and join a community full of people just like you who want to become happier, healthier and STRONGER.

If you’re ready to leap out of lockdown and vibe into summer with more energy, bronzed with confidence, and a revamped lifestyle, then we invite you to our 28 Day Challenge.

what you get:

28-Day Workout Program Engineered to your Fitness Level

- Choose from a Beginner or Advanced program
- Each workout challenges your cardio, strength and mobility

12 Live Workout Classes

- Join your coaches online every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday to sweat it out together

Exclusive Access to the StrongerNow App

- Track your weekly progress on each workout
- Direct messaging with your coaches and community

Nutrition Monitoring and Habit Tracking

- 2 weekly GROUP goals

Educational Seminars with Industry Experts

- Take part in weekly seminars and learn from experts in the health & fitness industry

Community of Like-Minded Warriors

- Be a part of a dedicated group to keep you motivated and accountable
- Stay at the top of the challenge for a chance to win amazing prizes including Lululemon & Nike Gift cards

Ready to make a change? Register now and join us in getting
STRONGER for Summer 2021! Challenge starts on June 7th, 2021.

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