Sabrina Koleoglou - A Healthy Gut for Optimal Health

In this presentation, Sabrina breaks down your gut health; the symptoms, the foods you should be consuming, the foods you should be avoiding, and why your gut is so important to fighting off disease.

Jennifer Roue - Body Composition

In this seminar presentation, Jennifer bust 3 common myths about how exercise and diet influence our bodies and break down the science behind building muscle and losing body fat.

Taylor Smeenk - Importance of Muscle Mass for Longevity

Check out our latest seminar, Importance of Muscle Mass for Longevity by Coach Taylor. She breaks down why building muscle mass is essential for creating a healthy mind and strong body well into your golden years.

Jimena Lopez - Motivation Backs Movement

We will explore what motivation is, how motivation impacts you prior to, during, and after your workout, and learn scientifically supported techniques you can use to train yourself through the motivation peaks and valleys that inevitably show up in every fitness journey.

Brad Jamieson & Joe Laidlaw - Actually Get Results From Your Training

We will discuss 6 Training Principles that are crucial to getting the results that you're after. Learn practical examples on how to apply these principles in your own training.

Kelly Carter - 3 Steps to Food Freedom

Introducing 3 strategies for people who are ready to make realistic changes to how they approach food and what they put into their bodies.

Dr. Gianna Soncina - Mindful Mobility

In this presentation, Dr. Gianna describes the importance of mobility and how to use it as an assessment tool in your own training. She walks us through 3 mobility drills, as well as introducing us to diaphragmatic breathing.