Online Coaching

Lifestyle Habit Coaching

Habits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and your success to reaching your goals. Your coach will work with you to create a game plan to develop healthy sustainable habits and kick the bad ones holding you back. You will also have the ability to sync your MyFitnessPal account to our StrongerNow app so you and your coach can track your nutrition intake. Your coach will guide you on strategies to help improve your nutrition in order to ensure you meet your specific goals.

Fitness Coaching

Your coach creates a tailored workout program that meets you where you’re at based on your current lifestyle, long and short-term goals, training experience, injuries and conditions. Each program will be 4 weeks in duration with every week progressively building on the previous one. Every workout comes with exercise demonstrational videos and technique cueing. It is encouraged to send your coach videos of your exercise technique. Your coach will analyze your movements and send you feedback on any areas of improvement.

Nutrition Coaching

Your coach designs a tailored meal plan based on your food allergies/sensitivities, fitness program, budget, food preferences and goals. The meal plan includes recipes and a macronutrient breakdown for each meal. You will also receive a weekly grocery list on which ingredients you will need to buy from the grocery store. Your coach will help you choose a sustainable meal plan that will have you looking forward to your next meal.