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5 Ingredient Recipe for Results

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Through my experiences as a long time fitness enthusiast and a coach for the past 7 years, these are the 5 most important factors to garner significant results in your fitness journey:

1) Training Sessions Must Be Under 60 Minutes 

Long strength training sessions that are well over 60 minutes typically leads to stagnation and boredom. From what we’ve observed with clients, the performance and intensity usually starts dropping off after 60 minutes. A shorter session usually means laser focus and more effort on the task at hand. I would suggest studying your workout prior to beginning it, so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s important to execute efficiently to help save time while getting the most out of your training session. 

2) Training Sessions Must Be Intense

Intensity is one of the most important variables for muscle growth and fat loss. The simplest way to increase your intensity is to keep your rest periods short. Now, I’m not saying to make yourself throw up but you should not be able to carry on conversations between sets, or scroll through instagram on your phone. Keeping the rest period short and sweet makes your workout quick and effective, saving you time (referencing the 1st ingredient).

3) Training Must Be Consistent 

If you want to see results, you must put in the work, and do it often. You can have the best training sessions in the world, but they will be rendered ineffective towards your long term goals without consistency. A high frequency energy output ensures an elevated metabolic rate, burning more calories over time. Even on days when you think you have “no time” to get your scheduled workout in, any activity is better than no activity. Find a way to condense it, and attack it to the best of your ability. At the very least, this will keep you in your routine and make it more difficult for you to come up with excuses to skip workouts moving forward.

4) Your Body Must Recover

Recovery breeds muscle growth. Your strength training workouts should be at least 24-48 hours apart, especially when you’re just starting to get back into a training routine. If you’re still sore/fatigued/exhausted on a strength-training day, push that specific workout to another day and replace it with light cardio or a mobility session. The most proven way to enhance recovery is quality sleep. Try to get between 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

5) Nutrition Must Be Consistent 

As the old saying goes, “you can not outwork a bad diet”. Guess what it’s true. But what isn’t true is that you need to restrict everything with a gram of sugar in it. If you want the results you’re after, whether it’s performance or fat loss, you need to have a game plan when it comes to nutrition. Yes we are all human and deserve to splurge every once in a while; However the key is to have the ability to get back on track. You must strike a balance and create a plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle but will allow you to reach your goals at the same time.

Now after reading through this list of ingredients, they seem simple and straightforward but they sure as hell won’t be easy to implement. Life has a funny way of throwing us off balance from time to time. It’s the people who are resilient and have the willpower to stay the course even while there are significant challenges and roadblocks ahead, that will always come out on top. These types of people are few and far between, and they usually achieve amazing things in their life times. These people are usually known as superheroes.

For the rest of us, we need a little guidance and support to keep us on track and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing noble about refusing to seek help, only finding yourself spinning your tires and never catching any traction towards your long term goals. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, a good coach will know how to pull you out, stand you back up and point you in the right direction. A good coach will empathise with you but provide you with the inspiration to keep you moving forward. Invest in a good coach and the ROI will be achievements you never thought possible.